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Teaching probability

by Jenny Gage and David Spiegelhalter

book coverThe material on this site supports Teaching Probabiity, published by Cambridge University Press in the Cambridge Mathematics series.

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Part 1

Some worksheets are provided here in colour and greyscale versions, in Word and pdf formats.  You can adapt them for your own class.

Chapter 4: Fair Game?

Chapter 5: Which team will win?

Chapter 6: The dog ate my homework

Part 4

Spreadsheet: containing all spreadsheets for Part 4

Chapter 20: What's the best strategy?

Chapter 21: What does 'random' look like?

Chapter 23: How probable is probable?

  • Worksheet:  paragraph with uncertainty words (Word, pdf)

Chapter 25: Heads or Tails, boy or girl?

Chapter 27: It's a lottery

Chapter 31: Happy birthday to you, and you, and ..

Chapter 32: How long do I have to wait?

Chapter 33: Do you know what you don’t know?